Route USA Trip 7/24/1989 to 10/3/1990

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How we got there:

While our VW van (which we call "joker") was on its way across the atlantic ocean on a large carrier, we spent exciting days on Iceland and Greenland.

Part 1: New York - Los Angeles:

USA map
1: Acadia NP 8: Monument Valley (Navajo NM)
2: Badlands NP 9: Capitol Reef NP
3: Wind Cave NP 10: Bryce Canyon NP
4: Rocky Mountains NP 11: Zion NP
5: Arches NP 12: Grand Canyon NP (north & south rim)
6: Canyonlands NP 13: Death Valley NM
7: Mesa Verde NP    

We put our feet on American ground for the first time in New York. We spent the first month in the northeast oft the U.S, then we travelled all across the country. We visited the national parks in the southwest and arrived in Los Angeles in the beginning of November.

Part 2: Los Angeles - Hawaii - Florida:

USA map
14: Yosemite NP 20: White Sands NM
15: Kings Canyon NP & Sequoia NP 21: Carlsbad Caverns NP
16: Joshua Tree NM 22: Guadalupe Mountains NP
17: Hawaii Volcanoes NP 23: Big Bend NP
18: Dinosaur NP 24: Biscayne NP
19: Great Sand Dunes NM 25: Everglades NP

From Los Angeles, we followed highway 101 to San Francisco, where we visited the surrounding national parks. Then we drove back to L.A. and continued via Palm Springs to San Diego. After a side trip to Hawaii, we spent Christmas time and new year's eve high above in the Rocky Mountains on the ski trails of Colorado. In the beginning of March, we reached Florida, where we spent almost a month.

Part 3: Florida - San Diego:

USA map
26: Great Smoky Mountains NP 29: Petrified Forest NP
27: Mammoth Cave NP 12: Grand Canyon NP
28: Hot Springs NP 30: Organ Pipe NM

Now we crossed the U.S. for the third time and arrived in San Diego in the beginning of April.

Part 4: San Diego - Fairbanks:

USA map
31: Redwood NP 37: Mount Rainier NP
32: Craters of the Moon NM 38: Mount St. Helens NVM
33: Yellowstone NP 39: North Cascades NP
34: Grand Teton NP 40: Pacific Rim NP
35: Crater Lake NP 41: Denali NP
36: Olympics NP    

We followed the pacific coast all the way up to Alaska, but we made a side trip to the Yellowstone national park in Wyoming.

Part 5: Fairbanks - Washington D.C.:

USA map
42: Jasper NP 45: Theodore Roosevelt NP north & south part
43: Banff NP 46: Shenandoah NP
44: Glacier NP    

From Alaska we drove southward through the Canadian rocky mountains and crossed the U.S. for the fourth and last time. In October, our trip ended in the capitol of the U.S., Washington D.C.

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