USA Trip 7/24/1989 to 10/3/1990

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On July, 24 1989 my wife and I started to our 15 months honey moon trip throughout North America. All the time, we lived in our VW camper van, which we shipped to the US on a freight ship across the Atlantic ocean.

Our VW Bus Camper named "Joker" rsp. "Jogi"

We drove about 50'000 miles in the US and Canada.

It was our goal to visit all national parks in the lower 48. We missed only 3 parks, the lassen national park in northern California (it was closed for the season), the great basin national park in Nevada (because at that time, we didn't know that it exists !) and the voyageurs national park in Minnesota (this park is basically all water, but we are no scuba divers).

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